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  1. Hello Astronauts, Modern Warfare & Warzone received a server-sided update today that has patched the Dark Matter Ultra unlocking, Player EXP lobbies & Cold War Challenge Unlocks. We know this is frustrating - these features will become available again once a safe alternative is implemented. During this time, these menu features will no longer work.
  2. Hello Astronauts, This thread is going to cover what to do after you purchase our software. Once you've made a purchase, read the information below and/or watch this short video covering the steps to download your software, find installation instructions & more! Navigating Our Website Finding information around our website is simple. Use the following links to quickly navigate to specific areas around the site. CHEAT PANEL All of your essential customer information in one spot. Download your software loaders, find installation instructions, manage your license keys & more. ORDERS & INVOICES Looking for your order information? This section will show you all of your orders & paid/unpaid invoices for our software. MY SOFTWARE KEYS After you've purchased one of our available cheats, you can find your license key information & download instructions from this section.
  3. Hello Astronauts, This week was a long one, but the team is proud to present the latest overhaul of our community network! Changes have been made site-wide, and things may look out-of-place for a while. More features & customer actions are planned for the near-future. Ideally, we'd like to provide you a dedicated customer panel that'll smooth out the process of finding your downloads, product keys & more. The first release of this panel is available now, and we'd love your feedback! First, if you were with us before the overhaul - do you prefer this layout over the original? Is the process of finding your customer information & resources easier? These are the things we want to hear from you! If you're new - welcome to our community! You've chosen a great time to get involved. Now let's cover some of the big changes we've made to your user-experience. First, we've placed all the essential information into a CHEAT PANEL. This panel provides quick access to your purchased license keys, order & invoices, file downloads & more. We hope that this provides some clarity to customers who are having trouble installing & accessing their purchased resources. Second, we completely re-designed the website's aesthetics - bringing you a cleaner, more in-depth browsing experience. From navigation to customer-only sections, we've changed and added some new content for everyone to read/enjoy. Have presale questions? There's now a section for that! Videos & Media content is coming strong with this new update. If you're interested in providing content for our community - let us know! There's perks involved! Finally, we've provided some cool video guides for our customers to watch! - If you're having troubles, check them out! You can find this content through your cheat panel & FAQs section, but only if you're an active customer! That covers it! If you're enjoying this redesign, please let us know! your feedback is important to us, and we're all-ears to new ideas!
  4. Hello Astronauts, Thanks for taking the time to leave an introduction for our community members to read! Although this can be a fun place, and we encourage you to be creative - please follow the simple rules we've provided below! Rules Questions regarding any third-party software is not allowed. Advertising of any kind around our entire site is not allowed. Asking questions about current service statuses is not allowed. Simple, yeah? All staff members have the right to remove any user's content and/or account access without further discussion. Account infractions may occur if you are caught breaking any of these terms throughout our community. Thanks to the members who took the time to read over this information!
  5. Hello Astronauts, We're glad you're here! Purchasing any form of software can be a hassle - we've tried to create a flow that works for everyone. The team understands that your questions & concerns are important. Please follow the provided rules when posting within the presale questions section. Rules Questions regarding any third-party software is not allowed. Advertising of any kind around our entire site is not allowed. Asking questions about current service statuses is not allowed. Simple, yeah? All staff members have the right to remove any user's content and/or account access without further discussion. Account infractions may occur if you are caught breaking any of these terms throughout our community. Thanks to the members who took the time to read over this information!
  6. Hello Astronauts, I wanted to start off the introductions strong, so here I am! As many of you already know - I'm Immortal! There's not much to say about myself. I love tech and will always continue to learn something new every day. Rocket.Games not only provides some serious software, but I'm honored to be part of such a wonderful group. The customers we handle & the staff we train help make this community stand out against all others, for that - we all thank you. If you ever have any questions, feel free to reach out! I'm more than happy to assist you with anything related to Rocket.Games. Questions that do not pertain to our software &/or system we operate - let's keep them out. Overall, if you took the time to read this - thanks! Welcome any new members we may have!
  7. Hey @provex, Thanks for your kind words! We appreciate your patience with us and hope you enjoy your lobbies/software! Keep dominating the battlefield!
  8. Hey everyone, It's that time again! We've introduced some new cheats into the collection - one of them being a Halo: Master Chief Collection cheat! This software is not for beginners, as it requires some setup to get it going. Once you've learned how to use it - you'll be amazed by the capabilities you are granted. Completely customize the silent aim to any degree you'd like, change your movement speed, jump height & so much more. Without taking any more of your time, feel free to watch a short montage captured using the Silent Aimbot ability.
  9. Love the article, @INGENIOUS! There are so much cheters cheters in this game. It's nice to know who they are haha!
  10. Great article, @INGENIOUS! Now I won't get in trouble when using cheats! Definitely keeps me a happy boi
  11. Warzone can be, unfortunately, infiltrated by Hackers. Here's how to recognize their methods (as well as some misconceptions about them). Seasoned Warzone players know that hacking has been an issue with the game since it was launched. The addition of cross-play added millions of PC players to the community, and Infinity Ward was not prepared to deal with the hordes of hackers and smurf accounts. Almost a year after the game's release, and there is still no anti-cheat in the game. Infnfinity Ward has made several statements on the subject, but hackers still roam Verdansk. There is only so much that legitimate players can do to counter a hacker. Hackers are becoming smarter with time and there are a number of ways to hide subtle cheats. However, not every good player is cheating and there are a number of ways players may seem suspicious but be a legitimate opponent. Experienced players can identify whether an opponent is actually cheating, and players should diligently spectate before reporting opposing players. 10 - Real Method: Aimbot Aimbot is the most infamous hack in the game. Most hackers have their aim down sight setting on headshots only and can kill players at the theoretical time to kill of every gun. Aimbot is usually the easiest hack to identify and hackers that use it can get thirty kills without trying. There are ways to hide it, however, and not all cheaters are naive enough to enable headshots only. For example, sophisticated hacks can be set to center mass instead of only headshots. It is much more difficult to tell if someone is cheating when they are hitting body shots. Another issue is the fact that these players can toggle their cheats on and off with the click of a key. Without a kill cam, there is not way to know if players were killed by a cheater or good player. 9 - Misconception: Stopping Power and Precision There are great Warzone players in almost every lobby, and they have incredible aim. Players should not assume that every time they are out gunned that the opponent is cheating. In fact, most of the players are not. There are strategies to beat better players, and the community should try to get better at the game instead of pointing the finger after every death. Players with above average aim and stopping power can down enemies in an instant. Players should look to see if the enemy has an orange highlight over their ammo count in the kill cam before assuming that the opponent is hacking. 8 - Real Method: Wall Hacks Another common hack allows players to see enemies through walls. There are different variations of the hack, but most show all the enemy players on the map as red figures. Hackers can position themselves wherever they want and catch the unsuspecting players off guard. If coupled with aimbot, wall hackers are essentially invincible. Unless they are killed by a lucky headshot or air strike, the hackers will kill everyone in the lobby. Wall hacks are slightly harder to spot if the player using them is cleverly. By popping UAVs and not following players through walls, hackers can get away with cheating. 7 - Misconception: Advanced UAVs, Dead Silence, And Elite Headsets Just because a player knows where enemies are on the map does not mean they are cheating. Advanced UAVs can spot ghosted players outside of a certain range, and a large number of players have heartbeat sensors. Similarly, dead silence allows players to move around buildings freely and listen for the location of enemy players. Professionals and competent players have the best headsets on the market and can use cues to identify exactly where an enemy is. 6 - Real Method: Cronus Max While technically not a hack, the Cronus allows players to artificially control recoil patterns. Instead of having to control recoil and aim, the Cronus can be programmed to keep recoil centered and make aiming much easier. The Cronus is even more difficult to detect than wall hacks because skilled players can control recoil and have precise aim. If a good player has Cronus, they will be as incredible at aiming as some of the best players in the world. 5 - Misconception: Players With 20 Kills Are Cheating Dominant Warzone players can get high kill games without hacking or getting into easy lobbies. The simple explanation is that there will always be a better player in the game. Top players lose gunfights all the time, and even casual players can get 20 kill games if the stars align. Ultimately, getting a lot of kills in Warzone involves a number of factors, and many of the players having incredible games are not cheating. 4 - Real Method: Permanent UAV The permanent UAV is by far the most difficult hack to detect. Players that do not want to get caught can continuously buy and pop UAVs and enemies will have no idea that they are cheating. There is one way to detect someone who is using a permanent UAV. If the player can identify where enemies are that have ghost, they might be using a permanent UAV. The most suspicious occurrences are when a ghosted player is killed by an enemy that knows their exact location in a building. Without sound or visual cues, it is impossible to know exactly where a ghosted player is. Many professionals have been accused of using this hack because of their amazing awareness in-game. 3 - Misconception: Frames, Ping, and Hertz Unfortunately, players using old generation consoles are at a disadvantage. The PS4 and Xbox One are capped at 30 frames per second, which is half of what players on the PS5 and Xbox Series X have. PC players can easily get more than 100 fps, and Warzone players will lose gunfights because opponents see more and can react faster in real-time. Similarly, players with bad connections will have trouble competing with players that have 30 ping or less. De-syncing and bullet registration delay are common for players that do not have the best connection. Additionally, players that are using a 60-hertz monitor will not have the same reaction speed as players that have a 144-hertz setup. Most opponents are not cheating, they just have better equipment. 2 - Real Method: Bot Lobbies With the advent of Warzone SBMM, streamers and professionals are being accused of finding ways to get into bot lobbies. There are a variety of ways to get into low skilled lobbies. The easiest way for players to do this is to use a second account that is low level, and have the second account leave before the match is queued. Players have also been using Warzone SBMM to judge the skill of a lobby in real-time. Players can leave gold to diamond lobbies and restart the search for a match. The catch 22 of this tactic is that Warzone SBMM tracks the difficulty of each player's lobbies. Someone with a 1.5 K/D or higher should not be getting into Bronze lobbies on a regular basis. There are also special routers that can alter regions or combat the SBMM algorithm to make lobbies easier. 1 - Misconception: Reverse Boosting and SBMM Because of the way skill based matchmaking works, trio and quad lobbies will sometimes give higher skilled players easier opponents. The SBMM system has been analyzed in detail by prominent Youtubers and content creators. Even players with a 5.0 or higher K/D will come up against players that are sub 1.0 K/D at some point. By looking at the past thirty or so games a player has queued into, it is clear whether that player was doing something fishy to get better lobbies. Players with a 1.5 K/D or higher should not be getting into more than a few bronze games in a session. Also, the SBMM algorithm takes into account the average K/D of each a team. Players that have friends with lower K/Ds will benefit by having more inexperienced players in their lobbies.
  12. While Call of Duty: Warzone is making significant improvements to weapon balancing, one area that remains an issue is cheating. Unfortunately, Call of Duty: Warzone hacks could only be getting more bothersome soon, as a player has fallen victim to a more devastating version of aimbotting. Aimbot hacks are one of the most common ways that players cheat in Call of Duty: Warzone, as the software is widespread on the PC platform. Aimbots allow players to instantly lock onto a target with complete accuracy, with their gun tracking directly to the opponent. When up against an aimbotter, players are at a severe disadvantage, having no real chance of victory. With Call of Duty: Warzone being cross-play, too, these hacks are easily spread to console versions as well, meaning that no battle royale fans are safe from aimbots. While some players use aimbots while streaming Call of Duty: Warzone, others are simply using them to get cheap kills and wins. Redditor GigaSnake encountered someone in the latter category, as their hacks were far too obvious to fake being legitimate. Instead of the usual aimbot, the player was seen using “Silent Aim” hacks. A more sophisticated version of aimbot, these hacks are even more broken, as players do not even need to look in the direction of the person that they kill. As shown in GigaSnake’s clip, they were sniped out of the sky, with the player plummeting toward the ground at an rapid pace. While they may have been expecting to see an impressive kill with one of Call of Duty: Warzone’s Sniper Rifles, they instead saw a hacker shooting randomly in different directions. Not even aiming down the sights, the cheater fires in four specific spots, hitting the ground on three different occasions. With the fourth shot, they fire in GigaSnake’s direction, dropping them from the sky without even aiming. As highlighted by fellow Redditor and Call of Duty: Warzone player Ditdr, this is an example of silent aim. Calling the hack a “big deal” because it is “intercepting and modifying server packets,” Ditdr believes it is “game over” if these hacks are available. Each shot where the player randomly hit the ground was likely them locking onto an enemy, with the environment saving the targeted players from a cheap death. With GigaSnake in the air and having no natural cover, though, they were killed instantly by the stray shots. Based on what was shown, the cheater would be unstoppable unless they were flanked and dropped quickly. While Call of Duty: Warzone’s ban milestone is impressive, removing half a million accounts is clearly not enough. While players have suggested everything from shutting off cross-play to banning IP addresses instead of accounts, it remains to be seen if more action will be taken.
  13. It's that time again. Today the video will be showcasing our Unlock-All & Silent Aimbot for Warzone & Modern Warfare. These new features are still in beta, so be sure to take extra precautions when utilizing these features. Unlock-All only works for your local game session, and does not unlock everything permanently for the account you're trying to utilize this for. This is done for the security of your account. Without making you scroll through long paragraphs containing information behind these features, here's a video showcasing all the latest changes in our software.
  14. Stream-proof will be coming to the universal Warzone & Modern Warfare software in the near future. Thanks for your patience as we continue to upgrade our software!
  15. We've heard everyone's feedback - Unlock All is now enabled on our software for Warzone & Modern Warfare. This feature is not permanent, but will work during your game session. This means you'll often need to press the button again to unlock everything locally. We plan to keep it this way for security reasons. Unlocking locally is much safer. NOTE: This feature does not unlock everything permanently. You cannot use this feature to host unlock-all lobbies and such. You'll often need to press the button again to locally unlock things as you'd like to change them.
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