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Just a quick appreciation post


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Yo! It's about time a post like this gets posted.


The team behind Rocket Games are such a great gang. They are super helpful and they are actually really hearing everyone out and goes to great lengths to do their best to assist. 


I wouldn't care if the products were 1/10, id stay for the community.


With that said the products are far from 1/10. THIS. SHIT. IS. GOOD. They update quick whenever raven shoots out their random gameupdates wich are announced both in discord and on the website so its easy to keep up with the status. They've got such unique features like for instance the glow effect thing in wz, or the first silent aim as far as i know (i googled a lot).

Do you miss a feature ? Just ask in discord and most likely it'll just pop up if it makes sense. 


I give a solid 10/10 for the products.

And i give the team a 13/10 just because i can. 😍



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Hey @andretheman,
First off, the team at Rocket.Games would like to send our appreciation for your kind review!
We love hearing your feedback, and are grateful that you're enjoying our software!

Users such as yourself help make our community THAT MUCH BETTER  📈
Without people such as yourself, our community wouldn't be one of the best in the industry. Keep rocking the battlefields!

I've awarded your profile with +30 community reputation for your amazing review.

Best Regards,
Team Rocket 🚀

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