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  • Fortnite FAQs

    Having troubles with our Fortnite cheats? Read the most common errors and fixes below.


    Downloading the loader files fails - "Virus Detected"

    This is common. On that download, choose to keep the file through your browser.
    Depending on which browser you're using, this option may appear differently.


    Fixing VCRUNTIME140 error

    This usually occurs when you're missing required runtime files.
    Please download them from the link provided and completely install it. Once you've done this - restart your Desktop and try running the loader again.


    The menu is not showing up in-game

    Remember to launch the Epic Games Launcher via your Steam account. Did you press F2 on the Fortnite selection screen?
    Make sure your Windows Defender & and any third-party anti-virus software is disabled / uninstalled.


    Fixing failed to start the process: c0000428

    Please turn off secure boot in your BIOS settings.


    Fixing restart to install components (loop)

    Run a Command Prompt window as Administrator
    type/paste: bcdedit /set hypervisorlaunchtype auto
    Run the command above.
    Restart your PC and run the loader again.


    Still Having Trouble?


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