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  • We've updated our visibility checks for our universal-CPU Warzone/Modern Warfare software
  • and also added a closest to crosshair option
  • Make sure you're purchasing the software that is labeled compatible with your CPU type. Refunds will not be given to customers who mistake their own PC builds and purchase incorrect CPU-type software
    • COD: Warzone¬†Menu¬†and Tools¬†from¬†ūüöĬ†Rocket.Games

      Our software provides the FIRST Silent Aimbot & Glowing ESPs! shoot your enemies from anywhere you'd like!

      The Warzone menu give you the best aimbot features, Glowing ESPs & more for your multiplayer & warzone experience! Never miss a shot, and know your enemies locations at all times.

      • Supports The Windows 10 Latest Versions
      • Supports Both Intel & AMD CPUs
      • External Menus / Overlays Outside of Game / Anti-Screenshots
      • Fully Stream-Safe (Coming Soon)
    • Cheat Features

      Glow ESPs (glowing wallhacks)
      Completely Customizable Aimbot
      Silent-Aimbot (kill without aiming)
      Advanced UAV Enabler (in-game / no-radar overlay)
      No Weapon Recoil
      No Weapon Sway
      Screenshot Cleaner / Anti-Screenshots
      Much more!
    • Rocket-Games-Warzone-Glow-People.png


    • Warzone Menus¬†in general

      Menus for COD Warzone have become so common now that it is nearly impossible to be in a game completely free of players using some kinds of tools. So, to be on the safe side, you should implement some in your game as well.

      All of the tools we have produced so far are incredibly rich in quality. We have tried and tested those to verify that they don’t hinder the performance or any other aspects of the game in any way. Apart from that, the Warzone Menus listed on our website are completely safe to use.

      You must be thinking that the cost of these Warzone tools must be incredibly high since there is absolutely no compromise on quality and their effect on gameplay has turned out to be quite positive so far. However, we are glad to inform you that it is not the case and the tools we provide are available at highly affordable rates. As of late 2020, we have now launched our new tools with Cold War Aimbot features and Wallhacks so be sure to check them out if that's of interest to you.



    • COD Warzone Aimbot Features

      In a game where up to 100 players are fighting for survival, which tool do you think can come handy most of the time? That is absolutely correct. Warzone aim feature is a highly used tool in the game. Nobody likes to miss their targets since it is quite difficult to get an enemy in a perfect spot twice. 

      So, with the aim feature enabled, you can simply guarantee an instant kill with a shot. All you have to do is select a target. 

      Although aim feature are offered by tons of providers, you need to be extra careful while selecting the right aim feature. This is because of the fact that many players vs. player engagements in the game occur over mid or long ranges and the aim feature is at a greater risk of getting observed and reported. 

      Our tools have taken this fact into account and although the aim features that come with our Warzone menus do not look obvious, they are capable of getting the job done.


      Warzone  Wallhacks and Advanced UAV Enabler

      Wallhacks helps you scan the map for finding objects and other players in the game. By using Warzone tools, you are more likely to get your hands on the valuable weapons and items scattered across the map. You also have more chances of finding your opponents and eliminating them before they hunt you down.

      Wallhacks is known to be strategy-spoilers since they spoil your opponent’s strategy of waiting inside a house to kill you. Before heading into the house, you will already be alerted about the presence of other players and items inside.

      The time which you can save with the help of these Warzone enhancements can be used in preparing effective strategies. Such strategies can be your doorway to the victory position that everybody is trying to get to.



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      • Yo! It's about time a post like this gets posted. ¬† The team behind Rocket Games are such a great gang. They are super helpful and they are actually really hearing everyone out and goes to great lengths to do their best to assist.¬† ¬† I wouldn't care if the products were 1/10, id¬†stay for the community. ¬† With that said the products are far from 1/10. THIS. SHIT. IS. GOOD. They update quick whenever raven shoots out their random gameupdates wich are announced both in discord and on the website so its easy to keep up with the status. They've got such unique features like for instance the glow effect thing in wz, or the first silent aim as far as i know (i googled a lot). Do you miss a feature ? Just ask in discord and most likely it'll just pop up if it makes sense.¬† ¬† I give a solid 10/10 for the products. And i give the team a 13/10 just because i can.¬†ūüėć ¬†
      • Is there a way we can enable an alert when a product is restocked? i have my eye on one, but is usually out of stock and would like the chance to grab one when things are restocked, and an alert or email or what ever would be nice to get when this happens!
      • Thanks! We'll be rolling out new features as we find what works best for our community. We've added a new form of visibility check to our software, so let us know if you like these changes!
      • This is so insane.¬† Keep up the good work bois!
      • Today I'll be showcasing our latest software cheat for Warzone and Modern Warfare. This universally-compatible software comes with some really cool features that I almost guarantee¬†you've never seen in any other tool across the internet. With the latest update provided over the last few days, our software gives all our players access to the much requested Glow ESP, aka Player Outlines, a completely silent aimbot, a non-overlay in-game advanced UAV enabler and much more. ¬† ¬†
      • Please read this thread in order to follow our media content outline guides and correct formatting for posting content here: ¬† All content provided in this thread must be approved by a staff member. If your content is not on-topic, it most likely will not be approved, so post wisely. Any media or content you decide to share here must be uploaded/created by you. We do not allow members to post other peoples content in order to showcase their usage. Please be creative and showcase your skills in creating/uploading quality content. This is not the place for advertising. If your posting has any resemblance to an advertisement, we will not approve your posting, and you may receive an infraction from our community and services. Use the provided formatting for posting any media content within this section: (if you do not follow the formatting guidelines below, your post will not be approved and you'll need to post again using the correct format) ¬† POST TITLE: (Game showcased name - Any creative title description) Example Post Title: Warzone - New Silent Aim Update
      • Run a Command Prompt as admin type/paste: bcdedit /set hypervisorlaunchtype auto Run the command above. Restart and run the¬†loader again.
      • If you're receiving a loop when restarting your PC after installing the software, please try the fix below: Run a Command Prompt as admin type/paste: bcdedit /set hypervisorlaunchtype auto Run the command above. Restart and run the¬†loader again.
      • If you've tried everything from our FAQ/Wiki, this will solve your issue: Please uninstall all windows security updates as far back as Dec. 2020 How to Uninstall Windows Security Updates: CLICK ME
      • Hello Rocket members, The list below is our¬†stream-proof compatibility¬†list. ¬† STREAM-PROOF SOFTWARE: BLACK OPS: COLD WAR [AMD & INTEL CPU] DAYZ [INTEL-ONLY CPU] PUBG [INTEL-ONLY¬†CPU] NON STREAM-PROOF SOFTWARE: BLACK OPS: COLD WAR [INTEL-ONLY¬†CPU] WARZONE/MODERN WARFARE [INTEL-ONLY¬†CPU] ESCAPE FROM TARKOV [INTEL-ONLY¬†CPU] HUNT: SHOWDOWN [INTEL-ONLY¬†CPU] RAINBOW SIX: SIEGE¬†[INTEL-ONLY¬†CPU] APEX LEGENDS [INTEL-ONLY¬†CPU] BATTLEFIELD V¬†[INTEL-ONLY¬†CPU] RUST¬†[INTEL-ONLY¬†CPU] MW/WARZONE¬†[AMD & INTEL CPU] I've even linked each software directly from the list above, so you shouldn't have any problems getting the correct software for your needs. Click the name of the software above to be directed to the product. ¬† ‚ö†ÔłŹ¬† Remember, we offer different tools depending on your CPU situation. You can choose to use our universal software if you'd like, but we offer Intel-only solutions if that's what you're going after. This list will change from time-to-time, so please check this often if you're worried about the safety of streaming with our products.
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